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Frequently Ask Questions

Q1) Why are different items sold at different lengths and some not very long?
The length and weight are a restriction of UPS. If you need something longer and/or heavier please give us a call and we can work on a shipping alternative.  Smaller sized tubing is only sold at longer lengths but you can ask for it to be cut smaller.

Q2) Why do you have a minimum Order?

For us to give our customers distributor level pricing we require a minimum order amount.

Q3) Do you charge for custom cuts?

We specialize in custom cuts and is already included in the Price!

Q4) Why are shipping cost sometime higher than the price of the item.

Metal is heavy and long, the shipping providers charge by weight. 

Q5) What if I want smaller OD tubing cut to a few inches but it is only sold in feet.

You can specify any number of inches format 0.000 and we will cut it to your specifications but the remaining scrape will not be sent regardless of size.

Q6) Why is your policy not to accept returns?

All of our items are custom cut to your specific specifications so they can not be returned.  However, if you have some issue please give us a call and will work with you! For example the cut was outside our standard range if +1/8" -0".